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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Antonio and Carmen, our missionaries in Oaxaca, Mexico. Because the infection rate in Mexico is going up, they are still doing virtual services. Please pray for perseverance in ministry, and that God would use the things they are able to do to further the Gospel in their community and beyond.

  • Pray for salvation for Lilia, who is in the hospital with terminal cancer.

  • Please pray for me as I try to report the man who raped me. I don’t know what to do or how to go about it. And I’m scared. It’s taken a while to get the courage to even think about it.

  • Praise for an amazing week and prayer to fight brain fuzz and tiredness and practice love better.

  • Praise for a good week. Prayer for strength to fight temptation and less anxiety.

  • Brent and Hope Harrell, our missionaries in Rome, Italy, as that we pray for protection over their kids as they navigate living in their neighborhood. Being exposed to drugs is inevitable around there. Pray for their protection and wisdom.

  • Praise for being able to see people. Prayer for corona to end and to get better at guitar.

  • Please pray for Send Hope, a ministry we support in India. They ask pray for wisdom, guidance, knowledge, compassion, peace, humility, and most importantly love, to fill this ministry. And as always, please pray for the unification of the stateside staff, board members, and volunteers.