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  • Please pray for my business in France. Employees and clients are stealing from me, and some don't bring the money back. If I tell the police they either do not do anything about it or I have to send paperwork, which takes two years, and until then all the case is forgotten. Please ask God to do justice in this case, which is my life’s work.

  • Pray for Lyle in his continued recovery from hernia surgery.

  • Pray for Dave and his loneliness and depression that the Lord would bring good Christian folks to come alongside him in his town of Crouch/Garden Valley.

  • Pray for revival fires to fall at our jobs and that people would surrender to the Lord.

  • Pray for those who got baptized at the church picnic to stay connected.

  • Please pray for my soon-to-be husband Ted. Pray that he finds true peace and happiness, and has an easier life. Pray that his sentence will be cut short and that he will be able to come home to his family soon.