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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for me, I am not feeling well. Pray for healing and that I will feel better. 

  • My dad is starting a new job. He has to do computer work and he is not very good at computer work, so please pray for him. 

  • I have to see some relatives at a wedding who are not Christians. We believe different things, and it causes divisions and tensions. Pray that it goes well, for peace, that it would be friendly, and enjoy each other’s company.

  • Pray for my mom to get custody of my little sister. Her dad isn't a good person.

  • Please pray for reconciliation with my family. My brother and one of my sisters are not speaking to me or my parents. I am praying for wisdom on how and when to reach out again. Please pray for a softening of all hearts involved. 

  • Pray for healing for my grandson's broken arm. 

  • Miguel and Luisa Cruz, our missionaries in Ayotzintepec, Mexico ask that we pray for a new outreach they are starting for kids, which will be held on Thursday nights, called Kingdom Kids. They will have soccer and hot dogs to minister to kids.

  • Prayer for purity more and that I can read the Bible more consistently.

  • One of my best friends found out yesterday she is having twins. She was told that there is a 50/50 chance they won't make it to 24 weeks and that she would have to be hospitalized. They believe they are mono twins which is very rare. They share a placenta and are at risk of getting caught in each other's cords. Please pray for God’s peace to overwhelm her. That the babies will be healthy and everything will be just fine. She is so scared and worried.