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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Prayers for my friend Katie, she is pretty depressed right now and doesn’t know why. 

  • Pray for the Mathews family as they begin to adjust to live without Colin. Specifically pray for his younger brother Trevor, that God would protect his heart from becoming sad/depressed without Colin and the other boys being home.

  • Pray for healing for my husband’s back pain.

  • Please pray for both my girls who are transitioning into public middle and elementary school, pray that they find good friends to grow up with. Pray they will be a huge light in their new schools. 

  • Prayers for Calvary Christian school to thrive after closing the middle school. Prayers for our numbers to go up so we can love on those kids and teach them about Jesus until the wheels fall off.

  • Prayer for peace and love in this world. 

  • Pray for our church and the pastors and staff. Pray God blesses every one of them and their sweet families. Thankful for the transparency and honestly and just being real people.

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and discernment in all decisions concerning Calvary Christian School. We want His plans and His vision. Pray that God would bring who He has purposed for staff, students, and families.