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  • Prayer for my marriage. Things are not going well. Prayer for healing and understanding.

  • Pray for Shane and Kristina’s marriage.

  • Pray for a friend on attack from all sides after coming to worship.

  • Pray for the victims of war. For the children who suffer the loss. For all who bear the weight.

  • Please pray for steady employment. The Lord blessed me with a home and many other things. I haven’t had stability in a long time and I need prayer for that, please.

  • Pray to end abortion, especially in Oregon and New York.

  • Please pray for my daughter Aila. I had to bring her to the ER this morning with severe kidney pain. They are thinking that she could have some kidney stones possibly. Waiting on blood test and CT scan results right now. Also, our family friend Jeff, needs prayer for his gout. He is having a severe attack right now in his leg. It's debilitating him to the point where he can't work, travel, or drive.