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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for all of the needs of our family.

  • Please pray that God in His mercy will protect David from relationships that are ungodly. Pray for salvation for these teens: Dylan, Andy, Olivia, David, Sabastian, Spencer, Marco, and Sriven.

  • ​Please pray for Leslie who lives in NY, may the LORD keep her from COVID-19.

  • Please pray for all of the kids school work as well as efficiency as we have so many things to juggle and it seems impossible to juggle them all at the same time.

  • I pray that after this is over my friends haven't forgotten about me, because it feels like they have.

  • Please pray for my brother who had a health scare this week. He is a pharmacist and his job has been extremely stressful during this time. It is uncertain if what happened was stress related or if it was his heart that already has a stint in it from previous blockage. Pray for the Lord's protection over him, and that he would be led to the right doctors if he needs medical treatment.

  • Pray for a brother of ours in youth group who feels like he doesn't fit in. Pray that God would hold him and show him who he is. 

  • Please pray for Jess' health and safety on his trip.