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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for my grandparents to stay healthy as many have weak immune systems. 

  • Pray for me because I have braces and they hurt.

  • Please pray for my daughter as she navigates a tricky friendship. She wants to honor the Lord and be a good witness, but she also doesn’t want to continually get hurt.

  • Pray my grandpa comes closer to God. 

  • Please pray for Byron, who is dealing with debilitating pain from an unknown injury. The pain has lasted for a month with little to no relief, with additional side effects from anti-viral medications and nerve pain medications (prescribed to find a solution). A very discouraging conversation with a doctor today said that it could be an inner muscular injury with an indefinite timeline of healing. Byron has been unable to consistently sit, lay, or stand comfortably for even a few minutes at a time, for a month now. He has been unable to talk on the phone or video with his grandkids or daughters for a month. Pray for healing from stomach injury/pain due to anti-viral medication. Pray for resolution to this muscle injury and the pain. Pray for Byron's mind and spirit, and his wife Karma's as well.

  • Pray my grandparents come closer to God.