Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray that I would have more patience at home and work.

  • Marlon and Becca Brown, our missionaries in Vancouver, Canada, ask that we pray for their church family. Like many churches they have people who are in financial need, people who have been laid off, people struggling with isolation and depression, people battling anxiety, people struggling with addictions and other temptations. Pray that our folks would turn to Jesus and allow Him to be their everything!

  • Please pray that I would be able to better manage my anxiety and not get so stressed out.

  • Natalie Bridges, our missionary in Bistrita, Romania, asks that we pray for the workers in the orphanage where she serves. The workers are being quarantined at the orphanage for two weeks at a time. So far, everyone has tested negative for COVID-19, but they aren’t able to leave for medical treatment if they face other illnesses. Natalie hopes to know whether or not she will be allowed to work with the children again after May 15.

  • Pray for peace and trust in God.

  • Pray that I will trust in God's timing for friends and family.

  • Please pray for my sisters as they are going through a very difficult time. May God protect them and keep them safe in this season of epidemic.