Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for comfort for Susie and her family. Wednesday marks two years since her son went to heaven after an accident.

  • Pray that the mission trip to Oaxaca, Mexico in August will not be cancelled.

  • I’m from Boise but I’m away from my kids in Wyoming. I’m with my husband, but he’s abusive. I need to get back home but my kids hate me. I need help to move on. Please pray for me. My kids abuse marijuana. It’s a lot of pain.

  • Pray for my mom's health as she has several autoimmune diseases. 

  • Please pray for our daughter, who is suffering from postpartum depression after giving birth to her second child two months ago. We have had a few incidences where we needed to get her into counseling. Her husband is trying to work, and she is home with their five-year-old and newborn. Please pray for all of them. We would love to help and see them but now is not so perfect as we all know. Lord please lift this burden from her and heal her body.

  • Please pray for my cousin and the family in California. He and his sister lost their mother, my Aunt, from the virus.

  •  Pray for me for purity, motivation, and kindness.