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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for avenues of communication and fellowship and connection to open up with Don and Brooke and other friends.

  • Please pray for provision for our family. My husband’s business lost their biggest contract, and his school shut down a week before graduation, which jeopardizes the living stipend we get from the GI bill. Please pray that he will have wisdom and guidance. Pray that I will be diligent in my role to support, encourage, and trust him in this time. And now that we are both home almost 24/7, pray for our moods and emotions. I am continually reminded of my need for God’s help and a supernatural supply of love, patience, peace, and faith during this time.

  • Please pray that the Lord would protect us from cyber attacks.

  • Please keep praying for my sister. They are talking about release dates but it seems the best thing would be for her to stay and continue to progress with therapy. She is moving and doing more every day, working so hard. There are so many pieces that need to come together for her care. We know God is in control.

  • Pray for Connie for protection.

  • Pray for a student’s grandpa who is having symptoms of a heart attack and is now in the hospital.

  • Pray for students who are moving soon. They were hoping to stay in Idaho, but they can't because their dad works in another state and they do not have health insurance here. They have to leave soon before states start closing their borders due to coronavirus. They are currently packing up the house and are preparing for a long drive. Please pray for them as moving is difficult and this is a lot for them to take in all at once.

  • Pray for my mom who has arthritis and vein problems on her legs, and for my dad who broke his arm.

  • Pray for my mom. She had to get nerve endings burned off in her neck, and the healing process will be painful.

  • Pray for someone who is in a bad place and that they would draw close to the Lord.