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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for our 14 year old daughter who is experiencing sudden and extreme hair loss.  She has no other physical symptoms.  We have an appointment with her pediatrician on Thursday. Please pray against fear of the unknown and that she will trust God during this time.

  • Pray that my friend's mom gets well. She has coronavirus.

  • Please pray for provision for my family. I got laid off, and we are hurting financially. I am thankful I get unemployment, but it isn’t enough. Please pray that I would find a job soon.

  • Pray that I will learn something new from God every day.​

  • Pray for healing cognitively, executively, intellectually, and with my memory/reading. Pray that the Lord would provide me with a good job that I can do well and do for a long time.

  • Pray for my friends to deeply connect with me and restore our communication and fellowship with each other.

  • Please pray for my nephew Brandon. He was drug free for 5 years and relapsed recently. He is checking himself into rehab just waiting to be cleared as he was in contact with someone that is being tested for the Coronavirus.

  • Pray for salvation for my friends who need Christ.

  • Pray that Israel and Melinda would be reconciled to me and open up avenues of communication and fellowship and connection.

  • Pray for protection for my friends and family members in the medical field.