Daily Prayer Requests

  • Hope Harrell, our missionary in Rome, Italy, asks that we pray for a woman she met named Valentina. She showed up outside the church as they were recording the weekend message to broadcast online. She asked who they were, and said she’d never noticed the church there before. From a safe distance, they started talking. She opened up and shared about how this has been a terrifying and dark time for her. The Lord opened the beautiful opportunity to share all about His love for her, and the gospel. Please prayer for her and for thousands like her who are drowning in anxiety and uncertainty and fear. May the Lord use His tiny church in this country to bring hope to the hopeless and comfort that lasts into eternity!

  • Please pray for healing for some health issues that Hope has been having.

  • Natalie Bridges, our missionary in Bistrita, Romania, sent in the following request. “On Sunday there were people watching our service online who don’t usually come to church and I was able to talk with them afterward.  One of them was the teacher who had brought so many students to church while they were visiting from England even though she is not religious.  She was very encouraged by the message.” Please pray that she would turn her heart to Jesus.

  • Please pray that I would have a change of heart. There has been a lot going on in our life and I’ve been taking it out on my husband. Just pray that I build him up and not push him down.

  • Pray that students don’t lose their minds and go crazy and get bothered by claustrophobia.

  • Pray for my friend who is in foster care and was not able to get her own items from home. Pray that people would stop gossiping about this friend. Pray that the foster parents would be understanding.

  • Pray that my friend would be okay. He has a tough home life and being stuck at home for this long time can't be easy.

  • Please pray for me and my family.

  • Please pray for me to be healed mentally and spiritually, and that my sleep patterns would regulate. Help me have energy to do exercise, crafting, and biking during the day. Pray for success with selling my jewelry online. I’m praying that the Lord will heal my thoughts and every sphere of my life.

  • Please pray for my dad and grandpa.