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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the parents to have grace and patience being home with their children and trying to homeschool for the first time.

  • My body is going septic and have to have surgery on Friday. I am scared. Especially with everything going on with COVID-19 and I am already immunocompromised. My recovery isn’t going to be easy and I am going to need help when I come home. But, have to be careful with who comes in. Pray for peace, healing, rest, and a quick recovery.

  • Pray for a student's friend who does not feel safe at home and is suicidal. 

  • Pray that God would protect my sister-in-law who works at Albertsons.

  • Pray for my brother because he is really fighting against the Lord and kind of playing the prodigal right now. Just pray that Jesus will get a hold of Him.

    I ask for prayer for focus and consistency, along with productivity.

    Please pray that I can consistently seek God every day through prayer and reading the Bible. Also prayer for clarity on what to do with my life after high school.

  • Pray for those who are deeply affected by covid-19.

  • We are a family of three right now all of which have serious autoimmune diseases, so my husband is the only one working right now (even though he's one of us with the autoimmune disease) due to being at High Risk to this virus. We aren't able to go anywhere and don't unless we have to go to a doctor's appointment or go to the grocery store. Please pray for protection for us from this virus as it would be quite serious if any of us were to get it.

  • Pray for a student's dad who got a CAT scan, and that everything would be okay. 

  • Saul Alvarez, our missionary in Tepic, Mexico asks that we pray for all the members of the church to use this time to get closer with the Lord and with their families.

  • Pray for the students who are stuck at home and bored.

  • I am asking for prayer for my daughter and son, Sophia and Gabriel. I ask that God fill my children with the Holy Spirit, that they will know and accept Jesus as their Savior. There is prayer and sharing in my home with them, this is not the case when at their mom’s house. I pray that God will bring their mom Sarah and her husband David to come to know the Lord Jesus. Their salvation is at stake and want for all of us to have everlasting life.