Daily Prayer Requests

  • A lot of our students are having a hard time right now. They are bored, lonely, and isolated. Please pray for them. 

  • Please pray for me as I work on getting housing for graduate school, and that I would keep a missionary mindset while I am in the program and living in a very non-Christian area.

  • Please pray for a high school student who is in critical condition, likely with Covid-19. He is having a hard time breathing. Pray for his parents as well. 

  • Please pray for a better place for me to live. My neighbor has made it really hard for me and has a new boyfriend and they party all the time. I risk getting kicked out because of their wrongs. I am due to have my next surgery next month and will be on bedrest. Please pray the doors open for better living arrangements for me.

  • Pray for our house project to get done soon and within budget.

  • Please pray for Anna who has started smoking again in the wake of coping with the death of family member. She is asking for healing in family relationships—she feels she has been the black sheep of the family and is having a hard time interacting with them. Pray for her son that he will come back to God through this experience. She also asks prayer for a friend who has cancer.

  • Abby was recently laid off, with rent coming up soon. Please pray for work. Also, please pray for her roommate, who hasn't been paying her half of the rent. It's becoming critical that she begin paying her portion. Pray the Lord will give Abby the right words of love and wisdom in approaching her roommate about this.

  • Please pray for my brother Rod and his wife Helen. She has liver cancer and needs God's healing. He needs Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Pray for salvation for them both!

  • Pray for my niece who has cancer and a compromised immune system.