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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for parents to capitalize on opportunities to be with their children more.

  • Please pray for Jennie, who is on the fence about receiving Christ as her Savior. The recent events around the world have her worried and she was recently laid off. She is planning a visit with her mother, who is a strong Christian, to learn more the Bible and salvation. Pray that Jennie's eyes will be opened to the truth and she will accept Jesus into her life.

  • Pray for those having funerals, weddings, and having new babies during this time of social distancing.

  • Pray for Dolores to stay healthy and get stronger.

  • Please pray for my family. They all have essential jobs so there is a greater chance that they could get the virus.

  • Please pray for my sister. Her biopsy came back as NO CANCER! But due to the current world circumstances, her doctor has said that because of lack of personnel in the hospitals, he wants to start chemo in two weeks rather than doing surgery.  If they are able to gather resources and call her to schedule the surgery sooner, it’s her call.  Either way she is lowering her immunity with chemo or exposing herself and risking all that comes with surgery during this time.  She needs clarity and peace in whatever happens.  She is emotionally overwhelmed and so tired.  This is rough because she has her husband, her daughters, and her grandson. Please pray for her emotional strength and physical during this time.