Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Lisa who has lung and bone cancer.

  • My brother owns a photography/videography business in Las Vegas that was employing between 5-10 people full time. Because of venue closures and wedding/event cancelations he’s had to let employees go and he’s struggling as he tries to find ways to stay afloat personally and professionally during this time. He grew up in the church but walked away in college 15 years ago. Pray for his business decisions and the incentive/relief packages that the state and federal governments are working on for both individuals and businesses. Pray that whatever uncertainty and hardship he faces will soften his heart towards the reality of his need for God.

  • Please pray for those serving in the armed forces and veterans, that they remain safe.

  • Please pray for Robbin, who is four weeks without pay and is now living out of her car. She is deep in debt and needs the Lord's help in getting a steady job and back on her feet. Please pray for her anger to subside and her faith in the Lord to grow, knowing that He is in control and has a plan for her life.

  • Please also pray for Danyell and her two-year-old son. She has been displaced three times in recent months and is suffering from the trauma. Pray for the Lord's protection, healing, and provision

  • Please pray for the finances of Bree and her fiancé. Based on their income lately, they may not be able to make their car or rental payments. They are very araid. Please pray for the Lord's grace, peace, and provision.

  • Pray for safety from coronavirus for my husband who has diabetes.

  • Pray that God would provide Steve with a job.