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Daily Prayer Requests

  • I work at a grocery store, and the work has been intense lately, but I cashier a lot, and see other people who haven't been there as long as me doing things I want to do. My prayer is that I would be humble and that I would submit to God, and serve Him with a whole heart, without grumbling. And also for a general prayer for people struggling with the coronavirus.

  • Please pray that my wife and I will overcome and be able to move to another house safely. We are facing spiritual warfare relating to our own relatives targeting us.

  • Please pray for Sara and her 4-year-old son Sammy.

  • Please pray with me about going to California to take care of my mom. My mom is 93 and instead of putting her in a retirement home my five siblings and I take care of her in her home. Two siblings live close and she stays at their houses when the other four of us can't be there. I am scheduled to go April 18-May 9. Because of the current situation I'm hesitant to go. I'm not worried about myself but don't want to catch the virus and give it to her. I’m not sure whether the Lord provided a cheap flight to bless me and get me there quickly. I'm apprehensive and want to know God’s will. Please pray for a distinctive answer.

  • Pray for volunteers for Words of Freedom.

  • Please pray for salvation for Sara, Chris, and Brandon.

  • Please pray that I find a new job with an employer that is a believer, and hopefully one that pays better, too.

  • Please pray for a friend and his marriage. They are walking through some pretty tough stuff and they're separated. His wife has the kids and he has moved out to give them the house and so he can get some things straight. Pray for God to move and reconcile this amazing family.