Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Rachel, Aiyana, and their family to know and walk with Jesus. She is growing into a beautiful young lady who attracts many boys to her doorstep. Pray for mom and dad to have wisdom from the Lord. Pray for dad’s salvation. 

  • Pray for a young man and his family. Pray for dad’s work situation to remain stable and for mom to see her prayers for godly men in her family to come to fruition by God's amazing grace. 

  • Please pray for a friend’s family. They are struggling in their marriage and there are four kids who are greatly affected. Mom and dad are both believers so pray that a seriousness about living in reverence to Christ would bring about a death to pride and every evil thing that separates them. 

  • Please pray for a marriage where a couple has struggled with outside family involvement. Pray for spiritual maturity and the ability to serve one another as forgiveness is given and received by each one. Both need healing from past trauma and difficult experiences. Pray for God's amazing grace. 

  • Pray for an elderly lady who just lost her lifetime love to unknown causes. She is about a month without him and has major adjustments to make as she mourns his absence in her life. Pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit to be in her home with the evidence of His comfort surrounding her. 

  • Please pray that Michael would have the peace of God as we face this pandemic. He is very afraid.

  • Please keep my wife Veena in prayer as she has cancer last stage and it has spread into her whole body. She is having severe health issues now.