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Daily Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my wife’s grandmother (Joan), that the Lord would protect her during this time of panic, uncertainty, and potential health risks for the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

  • Pray for protection from the C0VID virus for a single mom, her 10-month old, and her 64-year-old mom who lives with them and is very unhealthy.

  • Pray for Stephanie who is one “at risk” of this virus due to a compromised immune system. Pray that the Lord would protect her during this time and give her the wisdom to know when to rest and when to work. 

  • Please pray the this country would draw near to God, many for the first time, during these chaotic and uncertain times. History and dramatic events like this have brought many to an awareness of the fragility and uncertainty of life. Pray that the Lord would break down spiritual strongholds in many lives and soften hearts to hear and receive the gospel of grace and mercy offered through Christ to all who would “have ears to hear.” 

  • Pray that the Lord would speak powerfully to the hearts of believers during this time and show us how we can help those in need (physically and spiritually), how we can be a light in the darkness. 

  • Please pray for my sister Martha. She has been hired by the World Health Organization to work in Kirkland, WA to treat Covid-19 patients. She is 35 years old and everything says she will be okay if and when she is infected. But you all know this is unpredictable. Martha is not a believer, so any prayers for her salvation and safety would be greatly appreciated. The awesome thing is God has clearly sent her to help His people there, so I have to believe this is part of His way to bring her back to Him.

  • Please pray for my dad. Over the past week he has been to the doctor more than nine times and they can’t figure out what is causing his stomach pain. Also please pray for my brother and sister who have decided they aren’t talking to my dad anymore. Pray for a change in their hearts and reconciliation.