Daily Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the church to find a way to shine and reflect the God we love during the pandemic we find ourselves in today. Perfect love casts out all fear. May we live by this truth. 

  • I work in Boise State’s Dean of Students office, which has been very busy these last couple of weeks due to COVID-19 as we are there to support the students through difficult times. All classes have been moved online for the rest of the semester. Please pray for the impact of this health scare and the changes thrust upon students, parents, faculty, and staff. It’s a big change coming in the midst of a scary time for many who don’t have faith in God to be their solid foundation. Please pray for so many more students experiencing mental health issues.

  • Please pray for Tom’s sister-in-law who has been battling cancer for a while now and just recently found out that she is going to have to get a bone marrow transplant.

  • Please pray for those in our church family who are the ones at risk of this virus. Pray that the Lord would give them wisdom and discernment on how to live out their daily lives—where to go, when to go and when to stay home, and what steps they can take to care for themselves and others against risks.

  • Please pray for safety for a construction crew that is experiencing multiple injuries per week, sometimes daily. They recognize their need for the Lord’s protection and ask that we intercede on their behalf.

  • Please pray for me and others who are feeling the pain of loneliness during this time of isolation.

  • Please pray that God in His mercy protects David from all ungodly relations. Pray also for salvation for these teens: Dylan, Andy, Olivia, David, Sabastian, Spencer, Marco, and Sriven.