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Daily Prayer Requests

MAY 25, 2017




“You also helping together in prayer for us.” 2 Corinthians. 1:2

That statement is as true today as it was when Paul wrote it in the first century after Christ's resurrection. The language of prayer is universal. It unites us all and empowers us to help each other no matter how much geography separates our physical bodies. So, today as always, we praise God for the amazing gift of prayer.


  • Two days ago we prayed for Alex who needed treatment at Stanford because his lung cancer had metastasized to his brain. Praise God! The Lord worked things out so his insurance will cover treatment at Stanford. Alex goes  for a scan today and next week will have five days of  cyber-knife treatment.  Please continue to pray that Alex will be given eyes  to see that God is meeting his spiritual, physical and monetary needs. Pray that God will continue to heal his mind, body and soul.


  • Please pray for Lindsie. Her father was life-flighted to Utah on Monday with a ruptured colon. He is in critical condition with only a 30% chance of survival. Pray for his healing and that he will draw closer to Jesus as a result of this experience. Pray for his salvation and that Lindsie will be able to see him soon. Pray that all of their financial needs are met.  


  • Please continue to pray for little Judah Brown. Here is the latest update: Surgery was rough on his little body yesterday. His vitals aren’t looking great, but that’s expected after surgery. His heart rate is elevated because of the pain and he is tired and weak. His fever spiked during the night, they’ve changed his antibiotics again and are giving him even stronger stuff. The distended abdomen isn’t really going down yet and they’re still draining continuously. Blood tests have been sent in to see how much sepsis has gone into his blood stream. He’s not out of the woods yet, but he’s pointed in the right direction. 
    Please continue to pray-especially that he will only continue to improve and not take a turn for the worse again.”


  • Please pray for Mark Rose’s family. You may remember that he has been missing since April 24. His pickup was found near a sportsman’s access to the Boise River but there has been no sign of Mark and police have not ruled out foul play. Pray that his family would be comforted by God’s peace. Pray too that all their financial needs will be met. Mark’s disappearance has left them in financial limbo. Ask that God will meet all their needs. Pray that God will direct the right people to the family’s GoFund me page at 



  • Please remember to pray for Alyssa and baby Zimmerlee. The amniocenteses procedure takes place today. Stand against any tendency to worry or be afraid and ask God to help Alyssa and her husband Dan continue to trust Him and His perfect plan for their little girl.



  • Pray for residents of rescue missions, elderly shut-ins and single Christians to find their sufficiency in Jesus. Pray that they are never lonely.