• An anonymous person asks that we, "Please pray that the Lord will send someone to look into Jeremy’s case so that he can be declared innocent of his crime and let out of prison.  He has been moved to a different prison, so please pray that God will protect him in every way. Please pray that Jeremy and I get through this time. That we become closer to God as a couple and as single persons. Ask that we look to the Lord as we are spending time together on the phone, through email and in person at the prison."

  • Please pray for David, a young boy whose parents are both mentally challenged. Extended family is monitoring his situation and growing increasingly concerned that he is not getting proper nutrition and care. They may have to take steps to remove him from the home and that will be a difficult thing to do. Please pray for God’s wisdom and will to prevail and that all involved will lean on Jesus during this challenging time.

  • Pray for Veronica, a woman involved in the church Calvary Boise supports in Semilla de mostaza Santa Monica, Mexico. She has a very aggressive form of breast cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. Pray that her health improves and that she keeps looking to Jesus to be her hope and strength.

  • An anonymous person asks that we please pray for “my prayer life. I have had a lot of fear and doubt and when I pray, I get sidetracked or something interrupts my prayer time.  My thoughts are everywhere.  I have a hard time concentrating on any one thing.  I get bored easily, so I get distracted easily. I ask that you pray for me to be still and know God again, for my hardened heart to be softened toward God and people.  To have love and compassion like God has.   Please pray for God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to come to my rescue because I need them all right now.  I am in desperate need of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  I am so thirsty for God right now.

  • Please pray for a young woman who is struggling with alcohol abuse, depression and the pull of the world. Pray that she comes to the absolute end of her worldly options and realizes that Jesus is the only source of joy and satisfaction.

  • Please pray for Amy to come to a deep knowledge of all that Christ has for her. Pray that she is freed from fear and confusion and returns to her marriage. Pray that she and her soon to be ex-husband will be reunited in a marriage that has Jesus at the center and focuses solely on Him and His will for them individually and as a couple.