Daily Prayer Request

  • Pray for a friend as she passes through a difficult time of spiritual growth and maturity. 

  • Pray for a friend with sinusitis issues and still can’t taste or smell after having had COVID.

  • Please pray for my son, his wife and their marriage, they have four small children and have walked away from the Lord.

  • Please pray for the healing of our relationship, that she and I we will let the past go. That our future will be guided by the Lord and hopefully marriage.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Canada, Marlon and Becca Brown who sent the following prayer requests:

    • Continue To Pray For Becca- We are waiting on the results of her recent biopsy. Please keep praying that nothing major is discovered as the root of the current health issues. Ultimately pray for healing and for her body to return to good health.

    • Pray for R - He is my neighbor, and I have asked for prayer him before. He recently opened up to me and shared that he contemplated suicide after suffering financial hardship a while back. He is normally a quiet guy, but he has been opening up to me more. He has a Catholic background, but no real relationship with God. He think all church people are fake. Pray that the Holy Spirit would touch His heart, and for the Lord to use me as a conduit for His love.

    • Pray for M- She is one of our Muslim neighbors. She is getting married to an older Muslim man, a guy she has only known for months, just to escape her family. Becca has been ministering to her for a while and built a good friendship with her (we are even hosting her wedding shower). Bottom line, she isn’t happy with her life, and this marriage isn’t going to fix it. Pray that she would see that Jesus is who she is really looking for.

    • Pray for deeper love and vulnerability within our church family. A lot of the changes we are making are to make things simple and more relational. Pray that the Holy Spirit would work on our hearts to love each other like scriptures says.