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  • An anonymous woman asks that we pray that she stays sober so she can be a good mom and daughter and the person God intended her to be. Also ask that she doesn’t lose sight of Jesus and His will for her.

  • An anonymous couple asks that we pray that their little girls  come to love God, respect Him only, obey Him only, and to prefer Him only. Pray especially for the eldest who has been bullied. She is now removed from the situation but pray that the Lord will heal her mind and heart.

  •  Pray for Robert who is in immediate need of temporary housing. Any spare room will do. Ideally he would be able to bring his cats with him though anything that is available would be appreciated.  Pray for God’s provision and protection for Robert.  

  • Lynn asks us to pray for her friend Beth whose left leg was crushed by a granite slab. Beth will be in hospital for a week prior to surgery this weekend. She is a real prayer warrior. Pray for safety and security in this trial and that her leg bone does not get infected. Pray for God's mighty hands around her and strength for her husband and that she will be a witness to all who treat her.  

  • Please pray for Diana who had a breast biopsy on Tuesday. Pray that she is cancer free and that the Lord is her comfort and strength during this trial.

  • Continue to pray for Adele. She does not know the Lord and is sinking into despair. Pray she will know the truth of Christ.