"And you who seek God, your hearts shall live." –Psalm 69:32

The more we know about the nature of God, the more our awe and reverence for Him grows. The more we spend time with Him, the greater our appreciation for our place in His heart and position in His family. Understanding the deep connection between our hearts and His own develops our confidence and adds vitality and strength to our lives. There is no richer life than one lived with Our Lord.



  • Pray for Peace in Jerusalem

  • Pray for complete healing for Kris who is severely autistic. 

  • Pray that Hunter opens his heart to Jesus and takes the  next step to give his life wholly to Jesus.

  • Pray for Victor who was recently baptized, to know he is free in Jesus and is no longer a slave to alcoholism. Ask he will fully submit his addiction to Jesus and resist the devil. Pray that he will not rely on the ways of this world to deliver him.

  • Pray for Thelma's sister Karen who has been diagnosed with Stage Four colon cancer. The Lord is already using this in her family. Please pray for the whole family to come to know the saving grace and abundant life Jesus offers.

  • Pray for  two families who are struggling to devote their lives solely to God.

  • Praise God! A while ago we prayed that Michelle would get all the necessary approvals and funding to develop an equine therapy facility. Things are progressing, they have their loan and may be able to move in November. She ais giving God the glory for all He has done so far and asks that we pray for the necessary power, water and fencing.

  • Pray for Gary, a senior citizen who suffered a concussion last week.  He spent four hours in ER and emerged with 27 staples in his head. It’s anticipated that his recovery will be very slow. Pray that he and those who love him will walk in God’s mercy and grace as they navigate they get through this challenge.