Daily Prayer Request

  • Please pray for my friend. He is in ICU after a seizure and might not make it. He is sedated and has a tube down his throat. He had a head injury a few years back which caused the seizures and has been drinking a lot lately from depression. I just really need to spend more time with him and just ask that God would extend his grace and mercy to him.
  • Please pray for my cousin, he has a severe leg issue, Pray for complete healing and recovery, Thank you for all your prayers.
  • Please pray for a dear man who has started chemo for a recent diagnosis. He & his wife are believers. Thank you
  • Please pray for a man who has been suspended from him job in a manner he feels was unfounded. Please pray he is restored to his position.  Pray the Lord would open doors and provide many opportunities through worship and studies.
  • Prayer for M, having friend help him with math. For him to have greater understanding, and to stay focused in school, for grades to improve.
  • Please pray for my husband and myself to always be directed, and filled with the Holy Spirit, to make a difference. Thank you!!
  • Please pray for a man who is still dealing with side effects from a couple mini-strokes he suffered from back in October. Please pray for healing.