Daily Prayer Request

  • My coworker who goes to Calvary died. He had a wife and four kids. Please pray for his family and let them be covered, protected, and cared for.

  • Please pray for a man in the hospital ICU with covid right now and needs prayers.

  • My friend is in the hospital with COVID & not doing well. They won't treat her with anything except resveratrol so her family is trying to get her out so they can try other options but the hospital is not wanting to release her.

  • Please pray for my nephew and his fiancee as their first baby is due this week, will be induced on Wednesday the 5th if he doesn't appear before then. I need prayer to reestablish a continued firm connection with the Lord in his word and prayer and fellowship. Been drifting on my own a little too much. Thanks for your prayers.

  • Please pray for a wonderful friend who is having knee surgery at 5:30 am tomorrow. She asks for a smooth surgery and recovery.

  • Please pray for our missionaries in Mangalia, Romania Chris & Faith Anderson who sent the following updates and prayer requests:
    • Please keep praying for one boy from the village Mario and his mom. His mom will no longer let him come to the English club or anything. He had been also coming to church in town and youth group and right before the Christmas program she called the lady who helps us screaming and said he will not return. The Lord was really working in his life. He is 12 or 13 years old. So please pray the Lord would do something in his mom’s heart and she would let him return. Or for the Lord to open the door for us to talk with her in person so we can at least know what happened to make her feel this way all of a sudden. 

    • Levi is looking at an apartment today in Constanta about an hour away and will most likely be moving there next week. He starts his new job January 3rd there in Constanta. Please be praying for him as he makes this new step. He hopes to be able to start saving some money to purchase his photography equipment to start his own business with that, and he couldn’t do that helping us at the cafe. We know it will be good for him and the Lord is going to use it in His life to grow him some, or a lot.

    •  January 3rd we are making the trip to the embassy in Bucharest to renew Lucian and Mihai’s American visas please pray all works out and goes smoothly. We hope we still have the appointment since the embassy opened back up but we haven’t been able to get ahold of anyone to find out if we do or not so just trusting the Lord and showing up.

    • We leave today for a mini retreat at the camp in Dumbraveni with the youth group. We just pray over this time that God will use it to be able to really mentor and disciple the ones who are saved and draw the ones who arenot yet to Him.

    • Please pray for Chloe’s heart as we had a problem last night with part of the youth group that helps with worship at church, and some very hurtful things were said on the group messaging they have, and Chloe took it all personal towards her. She no longer wants to go to Dumbraveni she doesn’t want to face them and no longer feels like they are true friends. We also need wisdom in how to address the issue. It’s our daughter so first instinct is to defend her, but also everything was on group messaging and in Romanian so we need wisdom if it’s something that needs addressing or maybe wasn’t quite meant how it sounded. Either way Chloe needs God to mend her sweet heart and forgiveness in her heart as well. 

    • Thank you so very much for all of your prayers! God is starting to work we know but at the same time we often feel like we can do nothing right with the people no matter what. Every time we get a little hint of God working and rejoice there comes crashing on top of us discouragement from the Romanian people. We’ve been here long enough to know it comes with the territory, but we just need prayer to continue to love as Christ loves them and grace to fill our hearts every time instead of discouragement. Thank you 

    • Please pray for the Lord to open the door for a trip back to America. Six and a half years is a long time with no furlough, so we are just praying He opens the door this time in March or April instead of closing it again.