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  • Pray for Brad.  He is waiting for a liver and kidney transplant.  Praise God for people who donate organs. Pray that Brad will be blessed with one soon.

  • Pray for Mary as she tends to her dying husband without any help from others. Ask that she will find strength in the Lord.  

The following are anonymous requests:

  • Pray for all those struggling with health issues.  

  • Pray for more “encouragers” in the Word to speak to all who need to be uplifted by the hope of the Lord.

  • Pray for everyone who is enduring grief to find their comfort in the truth of Jesus.

  • Pray for people in the body who have job issues. Ask that the Lord gives them great wisdom and discernment in knowing how to tap into the love of Christ to respond to problems.

  • Commissioned Week continues through next week. Pray that the hearts and minds of our church family members will be focused on a renewed commitment to reach the lost.