Daily Prayer Requests

  • Praise Report! Here is an update on the urgent request that we prayed for on Tuesday. “Derrick did not have to have surgery! Please pray that he wouldn’t need surgery at all, that the abscess and infection on his shoulder would be completely drained, that his white counts would continue rise and that he would be released soon. Please pray that because his chemo has been suspended, he is still without tumor growth.”

  •  Please pray for my friend who is having internal bleeding and the doctors can not locate the cause. Pray for God's glory to be present, that he would healed and to provide the doctors an answer.
  • Please pray for a man whose son was kidnapped by his ex and taken out of the country. There is dabbling in the occult and a clearly demonic tone in the whole situation. Pray for his little boy. This man has a love for his son and even his ex in that he does not wish evil upon them but is praying for their protection, salvation and return. Pray for his heart to remain pure and free from bitterness and doubt of God. Pray for God to send His forces of light to win the battle in the spiritually dark place where they and for His Holy Spirit to win the lives of those involved to Christ. Pray for God to provide a lawyer who will fight for him as well as for wisdom on some international resources. His ex’s new flame seems to have some abusive tendencies and there may be more to the story. Pray for God’s good hand of mercy to prevail and for the enemy to be shut out of this one.

  • Please pray for my mom, that she would know the Lord more and have a hunger for Him.

  • Pray for direction and wisdom for our family as we are making decisions.

  • Please pray for a woman who wants to share the gospel with women in jail in Mexico.

  • Please pray for the salvation of my grandparents.

  • Please pray for provision, I need a car.

  • Please pray for the salvation of my brothers and sisters.

  • Please pray for our missionaries to Tepic, Mexico, Saul and Angelica Alvarez who sent the following updates and prayer requests:

    • Please pray, this week the husband of the owner of the building is coming to Tepic and he will check the place to get some repairs done and then sign the contract.

    • Please pray for a woman and her family, last Friday her Dad passed away. On Sunday I did the funeral at the cemetery.

    • Please pray for a woman who lost her son two weeks ago.

    • Pray for the Tumi students. On Monday we will start a new module.

    • Pray for my Dad. He will see a doctor to find out when he is going to get his surgery for his hernia.

    • Pray for my kids. They have 4 more weeks of classes before they go on vacation. They really need them. Pray for me, I will go to México City to a conference for three days, July 29th to July 31st. Pray for my wife to be a good leader for the women in church.