• The newborn baby we prayed for last week survived.  Thank you for your prayers. Her name is Quinn Parker and she is still in the hospital in Arizona. Her family and friends, including those in Boise, are very blessed by your continued  prayers.  

  • Please pray for a young couple who are trying to start a family after losing their newborn daughter last summer. Unfortunately they have suffered another miscarriage. Pray that they will continue to trust in the Lord.  

  • An anonymous person asks that we pray for good memories and a deep knowledge of God’s Word. Ask that the Lord will bring them health and prosperity according to His Word to His people.  

  • Lowell is developing a cataract in his right eye, please ask God to heal it to the glory of His name.

  • Please pray for the salvation of Gary and Bonnie.

  • Pray for Michelle’s mom Susan and her upcoming knee surgery. Pray that there will be no complications. Her heart is in Afib.  Pray that Michelle will be an emotional support to her mother.

  • Pray for Chris’s mom who will be having a surgical procedure soon. Pray that everything we go according to God’s plan.

  • Pray for all of our unsaved loved ones.