April 20, 2017

praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints. —Ephesians 6:18

In his letter to the Ephesians Paul encourages first-century believers to pray for each other, humbly with persistence and dedication. His advice holds true for us today. There is no greater way to spend time than before the throne of God, on behalf of people you may not know but who are well known by God. Intercession is a privilege. Enjoy your time with our Lord today.

• Matty Grant, a severely disabled 10-year-old, is back in the hospital--his second stay in less than a week. Some very serious things are going on. He's been hypothermic, had more issues with further loss of function in his legs, and has been vomiting, and sleeping a lot. These things look like additional complications from the spinal fusion surgery he had in September. They think he might now have autonomic dysreflexia--difficulty regulating his autonomic functions (breathing, temperature, heart rate, blood pressure). Please pray that doctors will determine what is wrong. Pray for his parents, Amber and Jason, and for his brother Luke to persevere through this hard time. Ask that God gives them faith, provision, and courage. Please pray for his ultimate healing.
• Please pray for Guerda. She had an emergency appendectomy last Wednesday. There were complications and she is still in the hospital. She has a husband and five kids, including a pre-schooler, so she needs healing. Her husband has stayed home from work this week to watch the young children but he needs to return and it’s stressful for them both. Pray for a fast recovery for her and provision for meals/finances during this time. Pray that her husband’s employer continues to be merciful with the time off he needs until she can return home. Ask too that their faith will grow during this difficulty and that they will learn to trust Jesus more and more. 

• Pray for the leadership of Women's Ministry at Calvary Boise. Pray that God will select just the right leader and that nothing will stand in the way of His choice for the position. Pray that all those involved in the selection process have an abundance of wisdom and discernment. Pray that the ministry would evolve to meet the real-life needs of our highly diverse church population.
• Saul Alvarez our missionary in Tepic, Mexico asks that we pray for a new family that recently came to his church. One of their sons has been kidnapped and they don’t know where he is. Ask that God will help them find will their son and be glorified as a result. 

• My brother Frank has 15 cancers in his brain and one melanoma on his lung. Please pray for him.
• Please ask God to be with my friends Phil and Vella. He has been put in the hospital. They are not sure what is wrong yet.
• Please keep praying that the Lord will bring healing to Mariah, and also to my husband and to my friend Jackie.
• Pray for traveling mercies for me as I go to attend the Cloverdale Church women’s retreat.
• Pray for my best friend as he starts chemo.

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