April 29, 2017

If you ask anything in My name I will do it. John 14:14.


• Pray for the Growing Old Gracefully class. Ask God to help them help each other and be there for those in need. Pray for Sharon who has many health issues and also for Charity who is ill and in the hospital.

• A woman asks that we pray for her husband to humbly embrace weakness and live in God’s strength. She also asks that we pray that she will be able to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in relating to her husband and that they would no longer be plagued by the powers and principalities that war against them and their marriage.

• Pray for baby Rowen to overcome any difficulties with nursing and for his mom, Jackie, who developed a slight case of Bell’s Palsy after his birth. (This causes temporary paralysis or weakness on one side of the face and makes it difficult for her to chew, smile and close her eye.) Pray that she will recover very quickly.

• Please pray for Vicki who needs a small place to rent for her son and her. She is employed and has no criminal record. Pray that the right landlord will allow her to have an economical place to live and that God will be glorified.

• Pray for all those affected by the loss of BSU’s wrestling program. Pray that God will use this disappointment to draw people to the truth of Christ.

• Please pray for Amanda, who is under intense spiritual attack, to be able to see God’s truth and have a great gift of discernment so she knows what people can help further her Christian walk and who she should avoid.