Marriage Discipleship

Marriage can quickly move in one of two directions. It can become like an old rusty barge that is just barely floating. For example, a couple that is just tolerating each other, like roommates, until the kids move out. The other option is a sweet sailing journey, riding every swell with purpose and meaning, like a marriage intentionally designed to build a legacy of security, assurance and Godly imitation toward the ones you love. God has said that it is "for this reason that a man shall leave his mother and father and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh" (Ephesiand 5:31). Again in Malachi it says that God made the two become one for the sake of raising Godly children (Malachi 2:15). The spiritual growth, the oneness, the companionship, and the team effort to build a Godly family can be like navigating unpredictable waters for most couples. We at Calvary Boise, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, keep a team of people who want to assist couples in coming to Biblical solutions during difficult times. Our goal is to help point marriages into friendly waters with God's heart and Word as their compass.

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