Local Missions


Famines, wars, epidemics, and natural disasters have displaced people from throughout the world. Some of them have been relocated in Boise, Idaho—a place most never heard of until it became their new home. Their resettlement offers opportunity for Calvary Boise’s church family to share the love of Christ and the Gospel to the “foreigner and stranger among us.” Our desire is to serve refugees through family partnership and mentorship and by partnering with other local ministries and organizations. We want to help meet their practical needs, assist them in becoming self-sufficient in a foreign culture, and above all equip them to know Christ and grow spiritually.

The first recommended step is to take the refugee training class from our ministry partner Glocal. They have developed a three-hour class that helps understand and identify with refugees so we can come along side and best serve them. It is a blessed time and challenging experience. It is also extremely helpful.

After the training, we’d love to plug you in where you are feeling led. There are a few avenues to serve in currently – but this obviously isn’t the limit:

    1. Kids Ministry – Worshiping and serving the kids during African Fellowship’s main service on Sundays at 4:30 pm (right now we are in need of more male leader role models).

    2. Glocal Family Partnerships (i.e. International Friends) – This ministry entails joining a group of 10-20 people who intentionally befriend a refugee family for a specific duration of time in order to help them acclimate to life in the States. Glocal facilitates and provides training for this ministry.

    3. YWAM Outreaches – We work with YWAM Boise to reach out to refugees locally. They focus on reaching the youth in apartment complexes by bringing some soccer balls and sidewalk chalk and hanging with the kids and get to know them. Often their parents come out for conversation also – truly a blessing!

    4. LEAP Charities – We partner with LEAP to provide Welcome Housing, a program that provides transitional housing, hospitality, and relationship building between the churches of Boise and incoming refugees.

Click here to donate to local refugees.