Classes at Calvary are designed to give specialized equipping to believers in a way that helps them to grow in the "head, heart, and hands" of being a disciple of Jesus. These classes include instruction in the Bible, mentorship for personal growth, and practical application in all of life as you are equipped to live out the way of Jesus in the area of instruction. Whether it’s a class on finance, parenting, discipleship, counseling, theology, culture, or a deep dive into a Bible book, these classes are where we want to build you up to send you out to live for God’s glory.


The Gospel of John
Mondays at 6:30PM in Building 500
Beginning January 17
Teacher: Dr. Clark Peddicord

In order to live out our faith in the modern world, we need to study the Bible for more than just a spiritual “vitamin shot.” Consequently, this class will most likely be different than any you have ever encountered. The Gospel of John is the fourth book in the New Testament. It was written in the simple and plain Greek language of the early Roman Empire and seems modest and unpretentious on the surface. But underneath are swimming incredibly complex and challenging questions. Some of these represent the deepest issues confronting faith in Christ in a post-Christian or even anti-Christian society. This course will be an amazing time together.

Click here to register with the Boise Biblical Studies Center to either audit this class, or take it for college credit through Oklahoma Christian University.


Speaking the Truth in Love to LDS People
Wednesdays at 6:30PM in Building 500
Beginning January 26
Teacher: Mark Parson, Vice President of Truth in Love Ministry

In the Treasure Valley, many of us have friends and family who are LDS (Mormon).  Sadly, we are often confused or unaware of the beliefs that drive the stories of our LDS neighbors and friends.  This class will spend two weeks giving a foundation on LDS belief and practice, followed by three weeks on how to engage in conversations with LDS people with truth and love. Mark Parsons, the Vice President of Truth in Love Ministry, brings an expert and current perspective to this conversation to equip us for ministry among our Mormon friends, family, and neighbors.

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