Basque Country



The Fakers are missionaries to the Basque Country in Norther Spain. God has used a student exchange program to spread the seeds of the gospel in the Basque Country, build relationships, save lives, and now discipleship and church planting.  

The Fakers are working in the City of Bergara to spread the gospel through relationship, discipling, english learning, and so much more. They have already seen the Holy Spirit move in powerful ways to reach some of the students that were part of the exchange program and even their parents.  

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God is doing some awesome things but the Basque Country is a historically difficult place to reach. They are 0.67% evangelical and the enemy does not want the gospel to reach the Basque People. Please join us in praying for the Basque Country, the Faker Family, the work being done, and partnering with the Faker’s and their team.

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