Kalvarija - Celje, Slovenia

Slovenia, the land where the Alps begin, is full of beautiful lakes, enormous underground cave systems, and castles dating back to the 10th century. It’s history with God’s Word is as rich as the landscape. Historically, it is ranked as the 12th nation in the world to have a complete Bible translation. To this day it is considered a “Christian nation.” About 60% of the population claim Catholic beliefs or heritage. However a mere handful pursue a personal relationship with Christ. Like Romanians, they are simply cultural Christians. Recent statistics show that there are only about 2,000 new believers in Evangelical churches across this nation of 2 million people. Ales Lajlar, a native Slovene pastor and his wife Whitney, who is from Idaho, labor to reveal the truth of Christ’s salvation to a resistant people.



LajlarsWhitney met Ales while in Slovenia on a mission trip from Calvary Boise in 2002. Their friendship grew and they were married in 2004. Together they studied at Calvary Chapel Bible College and moved to Celje in 2006. For the past four years Ales has been the head pastor of Kalvarija. God has been faithful to keep the church growing, moving forward, and establishing new ministries that have been very fruitful—sharing the full counsel of God’s Word, and helping people of all ages and walks of life embrace Jesus and His life-changing principles.

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Calvary Chapel Celje has a full range of ministries, the primary function is to put forth the full counsel of God’s Word, and help people of all ages and walks of life actualize these life-changing principles.

Currently, the most vibrant and fully staffed ministry is the youth ministry. There are four American missionaries working full-time toward the salvation and discipleship of the teens. In the past four years, a couple dozen youth have received the Lord. Several of them are now serving and leading different ministries within the church.

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  • Pray for wisdom for Ales to execute the multitude of his ministries effectively as well as to faithfully love and serve his wife and children as well as Whitney’s niece and nephew who are now part of the family.





  1. Support one of the many needs of a missionary –
    a. Encouragement (practical and spiritual)
    b. Logistics (administratively coordinating state-side support)
    c. Finances (give liberally and joyfully)
    d. Prayer (sign up for the prayer team, receive daily prayer requests and pray daily)
    e. Communication (intentionally staying in touch with missionaries and their families)
    f. Re-Entry (When they return to the States provide temporary residences, cars, travel support, gas, etc.)

  2. Short-Term visit – Calvary Boise desires to send short–term teams to help with various outreaches.

  3. Long-Term service – Calvary Boise desires to bolster the leadership and ministry teams of our missions.

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