If you were to ask a group of average Romanians if they are Christian, they would respond with, “Of course we are. We are Romanian.” About 87% of the population is Romanian Orthodox, but their religion is more a social identity than a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. In this warm, welcoming culture it is vital that missionaries get to know individuals personally. With that in mind Calvary Boise sent Brian and Cynthia Fouts and Natalie Bridges, who ministers with them, to Bistrita a north-central city with a population of about 80,000. The Foutses pastor a church while Natalie works in an orphanage. Everything they do aims to point people to Christ.



FoutsWhile studying at Calvary Boise’s Ministry Discipleship School, the Foutses felt a burden to be foreign missionaries. As they prayed for God’s will, He focused them on Romania where they moved in 2005.

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NatalieGod called Natalie to Romania during a short-term mission trip in 2005.

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NewBeginningsbwNew Beginnings is a humanitarian ministry of Calvary Boise and Calvary Chapel Bistrita that takes abandoned Romanian children and places them with a loving Romanian family. The children are then raised within a Christian household and attend CC Bistrita. We provide for their needs both practically and spiritually in an effort to raise the next generation to impact their country and culture for the Kingdom of God.

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DanielaFoundationbwThe Daniela Foundation was created to serve the poor and hurting of Romania.  Currently, it helps to serve the practical needs of the village of Sat. Patroaia-Vale by providing food and clothing.  The ultimate goal of this outreach is to be a lighthouse on a hill, providing spiritual nourishment to a country with deep-seeded roots in traditional religion but lacking in true relationship with Christ.  In faith, the Daniela Foundation has constructed a two-family home to house a missionary family willing to disciple a local family who feel called to shepherd the small town.

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The Foutses use any possibility to share the Gospel message—providing for the needs of orphans, placing abandoned children in loving families, hosting English camps, producing concerts, publishing Romanian church services on social media and more. Their fervent goal is to transform Romania and its culture by sharing the Kingdom of God.

One of Calvary Chapel Bistrita’s most impactful ministries is New Beginnings, focusing on serving abandoned Romanian children by placing them with a loving Romanian family. New Beginnings provides for the practical and spiritual needs of the orphans in an effort to raise the next generation to impact their country and culture for the Kingdom of God.

In the summer, the Foutses host an English camp at a nearby campground and invite kids of all ages from the schools their children attend. They also put on a Christian concert in August as an outreach to the city. As of late, they have had opportunities with special programs on TV and the local radio. CC Bistrita has made their Sunday services available in Romanian on social media. The church is also in the process of translating materials from English to Romanian in an effort to help with discipleship, spiritual growth, and evangelism.

Currently, Natalie teaches Sunday School at Calvary Chapel Bistrita and volunteers in a local orphanage sharing the love of Jesus with the children and workers. She also teaches a weekly English class at the community center for youth, and ministers to underprivileged Gypsy children in an after-school program—by far her most demanding work because the children are poor, abused, and have behavioral problems.

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  • Pray for our summer outreaches; the English camp in July and the concert outreach in August during the city-wide festival. 



  1. Support one of the many needs of a missionary –
    a. Encouragement (practical and spiritual)
    b. Logistics (administratively coordinating state-side support)
    c. Finances (give liberally and joyfully)
    d. Prayer (sign up for the prayer team, receive daily prayer requests and pray daily)
    e. Communication (intentionally staying in touch with missionaries and their families)
    f. Re-Entry (When they return to the States provide temporary residences, cars, travel support, gas, etc.)

  2. Short-Term visit – Calvary Boise desires to send short–term teams to help with various outreaches.

  3. Long-Term service – Calvary Boise desires to bolster the leadership and ministry teams of our missions.

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