Boise, Idaho - Internationals Among Us


  • Prayer for the establishment of a refugee ministry that enables us, as Christ’s body, to serve “foreigners and strangers among us” for His glory.

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  1. Training – Calvary Boise partners with Glocal for training to help us understand refugee situations, history, culture, and languages.

  2. Participate in community outreaches

  3. Give financially

  4. Pray for and with refugees and their families. Pray for laborers to be sent to their harvest field.

  5. Commit to be a mentor
    a. Be a friend
    b. Teach English
    c. Help them understand laws
    d. Help them understand American culture, social behaviors and expectations
    e. Help them understand their resources
    f. Help them learn how to pursue and retain employment
    g. Help them learn how to use the transportation system
    h. Help them learn how to be a financial steward
    i. Provide support for personal healing

  6. Help with job application event

  7. Provide job placement for refugees

  8. Serve with or give to partnering organizations
    a. International Rescue Committee (IRC)
    b. Agency for New Americans
    c. Idaho Office for Refugees
    d. World Relief
    e. Glocal
    f. Cole Community Church

Please contact us at if you sense God’s leading to participate in any of these areas.