Awake Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Vancouver—Canada’s third largest city—is a beautiful, prosperous community nestled beneath British Columbia’s coastal mountains. People from all over the world make up its population. English is a second-language for 52% of Vancouver’s 2.4 million residents. On the surface it appears that Vancouver has it all. But its citizens desperately need Jesus Christ. Less than 5% of the population identifies as Christian. Most people embrace and even celebrate atheism and secular humanism. In 2014, Marlon and Becca Brown left Boise to bring the truth of the Gospel to this hard mission field. Pray that God will enable them to change hearts and bring awakening. 



BrownsMarlon and Rebecca Brown met at Bible College, where they shared a thirst for the Word of God and a deep love of Jesus. Soon, they married and in 2009 the young couple moved to Boise to serve at Calvary Boise. Because they felt called to be future church planters, Calvary’s strong emphasis on local and foreign outreach was important to them and inspired their move to Vancouver—one of North America’s most diverse cities where they fulfill their fervent desire to reach a lost world with the Good News of Jesus.

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LATEST UPDATE (07/06/18)

We hosted a Nerf Outreach on June 28th for the local public school. Here are a few pictures from that outreach. It was such a blessing to have more than 75 children show up and enjoy this free event. We also gave out gift bags and invitations to our kids Bible club (This Little Light). Please pray for these little souls. Many of them come from Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, or Buddhist backgrounds, so although they want to come to church, their parents forbid it. Pray that as we cultivate these relationships, religious and cultural barriers come down, and we have an open door to preach the gospel.

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Awake Vancouver Church was launched in February of 2014 and is committed to serving and loving the people of the community, making disciples, and equipping the saints for the work of the ministry. This small church plant meets weekly in the heart of downtown Vancouver in the Yaletown district. Formerly a heavy industrial area dominated by warehouses and rail yards, it has been transformed into one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in the city. Much of the ministry of Awake Vancouver is still in the early development stages; street evangelism, park outreaches, and other community outreaches are focused efforts to develop relationships in the community. 

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  • Citizenship – In order to stay long-term, the Brown’s need residency and then citizenship. In the Spring of 2017 Marlon graduated from a Christian University, anticipating that his student visa would be easily replaced by a work visa. However, a visit to the U.S. Embassy revealed that graduates of Christian schools are not automatically eligible for work visas. Instead, he has until the end of the summer to obtain either a “clergy visa” that prohibits him from working at a secular job, or a normal, “working visa.” Neither option is ideal. Instead, Marlon and Becca are praying that they will be able to become Canadian citizens in any manner that God chooses. If they are limited to a clergy visa, they will trust the Lord to provide for all their needs.



  1. Support one of the many needs of a missionary
    a. Encouragement (practical and spiritual)
    b. Logistics (administratively coordinating state-side support)
    c. Finances (give liberally and joyfully)
    d. Prayer (sign up for the prayer team, receive daily prayer requests and pray daily)
    e. Communication (intentionally staying in touch with missionaries and their families)
    f. Re-Entry (When they return to the States provide temporary residences, cars, travel support, gas, etc.)

  2. Short-Term visit – Calvary Boise desires to send short–term teams to help the Browns with various outreaches.

  3. Long-Term service – Calvary Boise desires to bolster the leadership and ministry teams of our missions.

Please contact us at if you sense God’s leading to participate in any of these areas.